Zoom updated for Music lessons!

Please find below some instructions to help you prepare for zoom lessons both on a computer and on an ios/android device - if you have any questions please let me know.

Zoom flute lessons

- setup for using a computer-

When using Zoom for flute lessons, there are a few settings you should adjust to ensure both you and your teacher have the most 'real' sound possible.

Below are suggestions for the best steps and settings to ensure your zoom is ready for fantastic flute lessons:

1. Check for updates

Zoom updates quite often so it is important to check that Zoom is updated to the latest version. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Click on your profile picture

  • Select Check for Updates

  • A message will show letting you know that you either are up to date, or that there is an update available.

2. Adjust your Sound Settings

For the most 'real' sound, the following settings and equipment are recommended. Please note that this setup should be done BEFORE your lesson where possible.

Note: 2.1 & 2.2 are not essential so don't worry too much about them. The important settings are those detailed in 2.3 & 2.4

2.1 Connect to your network via an ethernet cable instead of using wifi.

If you are unable to do this, try to have your computer as close as possible to the wifi router. It’s also better to have no walls between your computer/device and the wifi router.

2.2 Use wired headphones & a good quality microphone

Most modern computers have quite good built in microphones which are absolutely fine to use however more advanced 1-1 students should consider using the best quality microphone they can. One option is to use a USB microphone which plugs directly into your computer.

2.3 Adjust audio settings as follows:

  • On your Zoom desktop client, open Settings by clicking on the cog. (You can also click on your profile picture and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.)

  • Click on Audio in the menu on the left

  • Uncheck Automatically adjust microphone volume

  • Set Suppress background noise to Low

  • Check the box next to Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone

  • Check that the circled boxes are NOT ticked however advanced students may wish to consider the option below.

  • Please note though that Advanced 1-1 students may also wish to Check the High fidelity music mode box however please be aware that the High fidelity music mode requires a Professional audio interface, microphone, and headphones and may also increase CPU utilization and consume more network bandwidth so it will not suit everyone.

2.4 When you have started your Zoom meeting, check the following before the lesson starts:

      • Check your microphone is selected

      • Click on the Turn on Original Sound button at the top of your screen (some may see this as "original sound: off" in which case click to change to read "original sound: on") to utilize the advanced audio settings activated in your setup above. This option is VERY important as it keeps the sound from your microphone and overrides Zoom’s audio enhancements which may distort the sound of your flute.

- setup for using a Device (IOS or Android)-

For instructions regarding setting up an ios or android device for zoom music lessons please see below.

  1. Download the Zoom app

2. Open the app and click on 'Settings'

3. Click on 'Meetings'

4. Enable 'Use Original Audio'

5. After your meeting starts, click on 'More' at the bottom of the screen where the 3 dots are

Please note you will need to repeat steps 5 & 6 EVERY time you log on for a lesson or rehearsal

6. Click on 'Enable Original Sound'

Please note you will need to repeat steps 5 & 6 EVERY time you log on for a lesson or rehearsal