Things you need

Flute Accessories

Aside from your flute there are a few accessory items that you will need in order to be able to embark on your flute journey with confidence!

  • A Music Stand - It is essential that all students own a music stand. This will allow you to position your music at the correct height for you and will help to ensure you can play with the best possible postuer right from the start. Being able to play with good posture is essential for both your flute development and also your physical comfort and well being.

  • A Pencil - All musicians need a soft lead pencil in order to be able to make gentle markings on our music to help us learn quickly and identify areas that need our attention in both practice and lessons.

  • A flute stand - this piece of equipment is not essential however does provide a safe place to rest your flute when you need to put it down during practice minimising the risk of damage.

  • Cleaning rod and cloth - all new flutes will come with a cleaning rod and cloth included however some hire flutes and second hand flutes may be missing this absolutely essential piece of equipment which can be purchased quite cheaply from most music stores. It is incredibly important to clean your instrument after use both to ensure it is clean and healthy for you to use but also to help extend the life of the instrument (in particular the pads under the keys) and reduce the need for major repairs at service.

  • A metronome - a metronome is a very important piece of equipment for any musician and helps us to perfect the art of maintaining a steady beat, playing in time and ensuring our rhythms are correctly placed. Metronomes can be purchased in either digital or clockwork forms however these days one can also chose from a wide range of metronome apps on our devices.

Purchase Flute Accessories

Click on the link above to visit Syrinx Music.

I recommend Syrinx Music for all your music and flute accessory purchases.

Syrinx Music is an independent print music retailer situated in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove (they will take orders both online and over the phone and will happily send any required music/items to the Central Coast if you prefer not to travel to their store). Within their retail and online shop you are able to browse and purchase a large range of flute sheet music from all publishers.

Owned and operated by Sydney flute teacher Derek Galloway you can be assured of the most knowledgeable and professional service at all times.