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This page contains a link to Australia's leading specialist flute music supplier as well as links to places where you can legally and freely access music to play!

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Specialist Supplier of Flute Print Music

Click on the link above to visit Syrinx Music.

I recommend Syrinx Music for all your music and flute accessory purchases. 

Syrinx Music is an independent print music retailer situated in the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove (they will take orders both online and over the phone and will happily send any required music/items to the Central Coast if you prefer not to travel to their store). Within their retail and online shop you are able to browse and purchase a large range of  flute sheet music from all publishers.

Owned and operated by Sydney flute teacher Derek Galloway you can be assured of the most knowledgeable and professional service at all times.

New Flute Technique book for Band Students

This technical workbook was developed as a complementary resource to School Band Programs where students attend a weekly 1 hour band rehearsal and a 30 minute group tutorial (or similar) which often caters to varying ages and abilities. This resource can also be used to complement teaching undertaken in a 1-1 setting in association with a band text or program.

The aim of this book is to assist with bridging the technical gap that students who do not learn in a one to one lesson often experience. Additionally, this resource will cater to the needs of students who find their particular group is moving too slowly (or too quickly) for them by providing lots of important information that expands their musical knowledge as well as providing additional challenges. There is a chart at the back of the book where teachers are able to mark each level completed should they wish to formalise completion of each level.

Festive Flute Music

Christmas Music!

FREE: has a great range of free downloadable christmas music here

PURCHASE: If you wish to purchase some amazing christmas repertoire, check out the extensive range at Syrinx music here: 

Download FREE Flute Music

Some music is now listed as "public domain" and as such it is out of copyright and can be downloaded for free from sites such as the Petrucci Library.  Of couse for most compositions if you prefer to own a lovely new and clearly printed book you can purchase one!  For those who are interested however below are some links to some repertoire that I often use for students:

Just for Fun!

The below sites all offer a wide range of music available for free.  Looking up and playing new music as often as possible is a wonderful way to improve your sight reading as well as to enjoy the reward of all your hard work and practice!  The ability to play music JUST FOR FUN!

(please note that some computers will not print the pdf files unless you download to your computer and then open from your hard drive)

Happy Birthday (in Bb)

Baby Shark (in Bb)


Below are links to music listed on IMSLP that form core repertoire for various grade levels.  Somes are wonderfully clear printable scans others are fascinating and all important scans of the composers original hand written manuscripts!